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2006 Grant Awards

On Thursday night, July 13, 2006, over $150,000 was awarded by the eWomenNetwork Foundation to 8 non-profit organizations.  These 501(c)(3) organizations all operate in  local areas where eWomenNetwork chapters exist throughout the US and Canada.  Each received a cash grant, a matching technology grant from Microsoft, and a $500 gift certificate from Office Depot. 

Pictured below are the organizations recognized this year during our awards gala.

Austin, Texas: Business Investment Growth, Inc. (BiGAUSTIN) is a non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas that provides training, loans, and business counseling to economically disadvantaged individuals. Their mission is to foster economic development as a resource for small businesses. In order to stimulate prosperity, BiGAUSTIN assists them to successfully grow by providing comprehensive education programs, personalized business counseling and flexible loans. The typical BiGAUSTIN client is a low-income individual, primarily women with no more than a high school education, and little formal business training. In the more than 10 years that they have been helping others get ahead, BiGAUSTIN has served more than 4,000 individuals and helped create or retain more than 1,600 jobs.

Tampa, Florida: Wheels of Success, inc., of Tampa, Florida, provides reliable personal transportation to help families on the poverty level through a program of car donations, repairs, car payments, and other expenses. Recipients are then asked to Òpay it forwardÓ by making monthly payments for one year based on their financial ability and give service hours back to the organization. To date, Wheels of Success has given out 41 vehicles since 2003 and helped with car repairs, diagnostic services, and car payments to many clients, the majority of whom were single mothers. The success of their program is illustrated in the fact that their clients had better jobs through reliable transportation getting to and from their place of work.

Tyson's Corner, Virginia: Youth Leadership Foundation's PALS program's mission is to serve disadvantaged young women by boosting their academic performance while also helping them with character development. PALS, which stands for "Program for Academic and Leadership Skills" targets minority girls ages 8-13, who are mid-level achievers. These young girls are rarely singled out for attention by schools because they are neither failing, nor excelling. Almost all the students come from homes headed by a single parent. What sets PALS apart is the one-on-one personal tutoring that takes place to help students set personal and academic goals. Personal attention is vital to their progress.

St. Louis, Missouri: Magnificat Center is a not-for-profit agency that has as its mission to bring hope and compassion to disadvantaged children; to serve and protect them and provide for their needs, one by one. Their vision is to develop programs that target children who are orphaned or abandoned, abused, homeless, hungry, neglected or otherwise at risk; to break the generational cycles of poverty, homelessness and abuse. Specific programs include overnight and daytime respite care, after-school activities and parent programs. Magnificat Center coordinates community celebrations and yearly excursions for as many as 100 children and adults at a time.

Northern Front Range, Colorado: Project Self-Sufficiency's mission is to assist low-income, single parents in their efforts to build and maintain strong, healthy families, while achieving economic independence. The organization evolved from the efforts of a countywide task force to coordinate and expand services for low-income, single parent families. Project Self-Sufficiency officially began in October, 1986, and currently assists 110 single parent families as they transition from poverty to self-sufficiency. Advisors work with participants, mostly single mothers, one-on-one, helping them to stabilize their living situation and other immediate needs. Once the family is stabilized, advisors guide parents in specific, manageable steps toward their goals.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center & Maternity Home was founded to provide stable and safe temporary housing for pregnant women. Residents learn life and parenting skills while receiving encouragement, love, and support in making responsible decisions about their future. Alpha first opened in 1982 under the leadership of two women who had a dream of addressing the need to help women in crisis as they face their future motherhood without help or recourse. With a live-in house mother, young women often experience for the first time what it means to live in an affectionate family atmosphere.

San Jose, California: Girls For A Change is a non-profit organization designed to motivate professional women to give back by becoming role models for inner-city young women, thus empowering them to affect social change and become innovators. By empowering these young women to design, lead, fund and implement social change projects, they are getting to the roots that tackle problems in their own neighborhoods. Through their programs, girls gain an increased self-efficacy, learn to develop relationships with women role models, develop leadership skills and the ability and confidence needed to express their ideas.

San Mateo, California: Career Closet is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that provides business attire and other services for women in need. They assist women in choosing clothing that will help them gain and retain employment, advance their careers which in turn improves family stability. Career Closet also gives its clients encouragement through workshops and individual counseling to reach their goals, while helping them gain a sense of self-worth. Last year, Career Closet assisted more than 1,800 women by outfitting them for that all-important job interview. Career Closet is supported by individuals, foundations, corporations, and government organizations in the San Mateo area.

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for their generous support and the additional funding for our 2006 Grant Recipients.