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Deaf Hope


Watch Julie receiving the Humanitarian of the Year Award!
Watch Julie receiving the van for Deaf Hope

The 2007 International Femtor Award for Humanitarian of the Year was awarded to Julie Rems-Smario, the Executive Director of Deaf Hope, a non-profit serving the needs of deaf women fleeing domestic and sexual violence.

When we learned about the work of Deaf Hope, we wanted to do more than merely honor its founder and Director.  The eWomenNetwork community rallied to provide the resources to equip Deaf Hope with the supplies and program resources it needed.  High on their list of needs was a van, to be able to transport their clients, whether assisting them with moving out of their violent circumstances to safe shelters or in accompanying them to court proceedings and other appointments in the service of their Moving On. 

Watch the video of how the eWomenNetwork Foundation rallied its network to not only give Deaf Hope the Van it needed, but through our partners at Ameriprise Auto and Home the first year of insurance on the van and through General Motors a 4-year maintenance plan covering all needed repair work.  In addition, we were able to give Deaf Hope $1,000 for gas!