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Katrina Evacuees

Watch how eWomenNetwork helped the Katrina Evacuees

In the immediate aftermath of the Katrina disaster, the Foundation learned about a group of women senior citizens who had been evacuated from their shared home in New Orleans and temporarily relocated to Dallas. They were in Dallas for several months until their Senior Citizen home passed inspections certifying it was safe for them to return.

While they were allowed to return to their home, they had no means to get there. These senior women did not have the resources to pay their own way to get back home! When the Foundation learned about their plight, we turned to the eWomenNetwork database of members and found a woman who owned a bus company. When we told her their story, she
donated the use of her bus and the Foundation covered the cost of the gas and driver. Not only that, we arranged for food and drinks for their long journey home.

Preparing these women for their return trip involved packing from their long stay away from home, something they were not equipped to do alone. The Foundation coordinated volunteers from a local women's college to come and assist the women in preparing their belongings and readying them for their journey. Watch the video to learn more about these deserving women and how a little bit of network resources went a long way!