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Ranch for Kids During the 2008 International Femtor Awards Gala, the eWomenNetwork Foundation awarded its Humanitarian of the Year Award to Joyce Sterkel, a remarkable woman who operates Ranch for Kids in Eureka, Montana. Joyce’s story can be found by clicking here. To further support the work being done for adoptive children at Ranch for Kids, the Foundation asked Joyce for a “wish list” – what would really enable your work at the Ranch to thrive?

The wish list included everything from clocks and mirrors for the kids’ residences to washers and dryers and tackle for the riding program operated at the Ranch. The Foundation raised enough money to provide everything on the wish list! We knew that rather than simply issue a check to cover the costs of the wishlist items it would be more fun, and more meaningful to everyone involved, to go to Montana and purchase the items on the wishlist together! It was a shopping spree to remember!

The Ranch for Kids is located in a slice of paradise right near the Canadian border in Northwest Montana

Our first stop was to buy used saddles for the riding program – here is the Sterkel family/staff of Ranch for Kids!

The kids had fun unloading the goods once we returned from the shopping spree

These lovely young ladies are currently residents of the Ranch

The local news media heard about what we were doing, and came to cover the fun for the evening news!

The new furnishings will be thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Our initial plan to support Anastasia’s participation in a conference on animal therapy proved to be too disruptive to her schooling right now. We decided to redirect the funds that would have been devoted to that experience into a tax-free college fund in her name. Anastasia couldn’t be happier!

This is the beginning of a wonderful relationship!




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