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Pledge A Letter

Our Purpose and Objective!

To get people to pledge that they will write a letter to thank our phenomenal veterans across North America on November 11!

We are able to celebrate our liberties and freedoms because of the courageous valor of our veterans, both active and retired! Please join our “Pledge a Letter” Thank You campaign.

If you personally know a veteran (spouse, son/daughter, grandparent, etc.) then you already know how impactful this letter campaign will be. The outpouring of love and appreciation will lift the spirits of our vets who have served in the past as well as for those that are currently serving.

If you don’t know someone who has served, please know that your letter of encouragement and appreciation is just as valuable and just as important!  If you can imagine, some of our soldiers never receive a letter from home.  To receive the unexpected—a message of thanks—from a complete stranger is one of the greatest gifts you can give!   

So how can you participate?

  1. Click here now to Pledge that you will write a letter on 11.11.

We have three wonderful organizations who are working with us to help us hand-address the letters you have written. Please send your letters in blank envelopes that are UNSEALED. They will review each letter to ensure they all have the messages in line with our mission; that is, gratitude and appreciation. They will then place your note back in the blank envelope, seal it, and address it to a specific soldier. If you have provided an address of a past or present soldier through our website, we will ensure that each soldier receives a card. We have received enough cards to fulfill these requests and plenty more standing by should you still like to submit a name to us.

Below are the addresses of these organizations. Please note, if you are a Canadian resident, please use the Canadian organization provided. The other two are for US residents.

If you are sending your letter from the United States:

eWomenNetwork Foundation — Letters for Vets
17853 Santiago Blvd. #107-355
Villa Park, CA 92861

eWomenNetwork Foundation — Letters for Vets
Attn: Christine Jovenitti
6631 Ridgway Jbg Rd.
PO Box 125
Johnsonburg, PA 15845

If you are sending your letter(s) from Canada:

eWomenNetwork Foundation — Letters for Vets
Canadian Forces
Belleville, ON K8N 5W6

Our veterans deserve to know that while we may not see them with our eyes, we see them in our hearts. Thank you again for taking a few minutes out of your day to help us! We are most grateful and look forward to making this an annual event!

Your Personal Touch Matters!

Our "Pledge a Letter for Vets" movement takes place on
November 11.

11 - 11 is a very special day!
In the U.S., it's Veterans Day!
In Canada, it's Remembrance Day!

Veterans love the uplifting feeling they receive when they are handed a letter or card! Unlike emails, these become tangible treasures ... often placed in a pocket, tucked under a pillow, and saved in a "treasure box" are re-read over and over during otherwise quiet, lonely, even scary times. Many vets keep these items forever, even passing them on from generation to generation!

Let's share our gratitude and appreciation to these brave women and men "the old fashioned way"!

Our veterans deserve to know that while we may not see them with our eyes, we see them in our hearts ... and we appreciate the sacrifices they have made so that we can safely pursue life's greatest freedoms ~ life, love and the pursuit of our dreams!

To Pledge a Letter just click this button:

After you register, you will receive details via email about where to send your letter on 11.11. We will also provide ideas for sample notes, address information and more.

Download the Flier

Please join us and register to pledge your commitment to send a note, card or letter!





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