6 Ways to Find More Time for Your Side Gig
A Guide to Achieve Success on the Side
30 January, 2019 by
6 Ways to Find More Time for Your Side Gig
Kali Ah Yuen
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Creating a startup and becoming an entrepreneur can seem time-consuming when you’re juggling a full-time job with other daily tasks. With enough motivation, self-discipline, and a support system it’s more than possible. If making more time for your side gig was a part of your new year goals, then we’re here to help with ways to ensure you achieve it.

Join a coworking space. It’s the perfect office space with an atmosphere that will keep you focused. With the popularity growing, there are many options to choose from. The Huffington Post shared the 20 best coworking spaces across the globe and the list is rapidly growing. Many offer amenities, food, and beverages - even treadmills that are complementary with a membership. It’s an ideal investment for entrepreneurs because the resources to grow or maintain a successful business are at your convenience.

Keep a support system. This will be what gets you through the ups and downs of starting a business. When times get tough, keeping a close group of friends and family you can turn to for advice and confide in is very helpful. Networking with other entrepreneurs can also prevent you from feeling like you’re the only one going through a particular situation. There are many groups you can join. Forbes lists 11 entrepreneur organizations with strong communities to support you. You can also start your own tailored to a specific mission, such as eWomenNetwork.

Find common ground between your day job and side gig. It’ll help you advance in both realms while saving time. If there’s an expert class you need to take for work, take some key points to implement into your personal business strategy. If there’s a networking event going you want to attend, go there with the intention of making connections for both jobs. Don’t think of each job as different worlds because, in reality, they both teach you lessons you can use in each environment.

Being aware of weekly tasks can also help keep your sanity. If you know your day job is going to require a lot of time for one week’s tasks, then save your side gig work for the next week when your workload decreases. Maintaining a balance will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

Set personal office hours. A major part of self-discipline is time management. This is your time to fully focus on your side passion, so set aside all distractions. Creating a routine by setting aside a set amount of hours a day for your side gig will ensure you accomplish weekly goals. Try keeping two different planners to distinguish your workload or color code tasks to do the same in one place.

Dedicate this time to grow your brand, responding to emails, conducting meetings, checking social media platforms, and other related tasks. Implement time blocking for each task to avoid getting burnt out. Also, remember to be mindful when it comes to long days. Self-care comes first and you can always add some hours on the weekends.

Establish realistic goals. It would be nice to turn your passion project into a full-time job, but it takes time. Instead of aiming to quit your day job within the same time frame of creating your business, try setting a goal to where you can gradually lessen your workload. It’s imperative to understand that your side gig is a stepping stone. This step takes a lot of patience and understanding. This will create expectations that you can follow through.

Invest in yourself. We all know starting a company isn’t cheap. Prepare to put away some cash and save where you can. Establishing a rule where you put a percentage automatically into savings will allow you to expand your business. Typical startups don’t start seeing revenue until after their third or fourth - sometimes fifth year. Let your passion drive the business and the abundance will come.

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Keep in mind that money isn’t the only way to invest in yourself. Perfect your craft, find a mentor or some classes to take that better your skills. Invest your time by going to networking events, setting up coffee dates, or attending local shows. Following these steps will in aid positioning yourself as the expert in your profession. No matter how saturated the industry is, there’s always something that will make you stand out.

Remember, it is possible to succeed in your side gig. Don’t over complicate it. Be mindful of the way you are perceiving things for it is the key to success. You must give your side gig tender love and care for it to grow. By following these steps and adding in tips from other sources, you’re on your way to achieving all your goals. In no time your side hustle can become your full-time!


6 Ways to Find More Time for Your Side Gig
Kali Ah Yuen
30 January, 2019
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