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Nail It To Scale It: How Effective Branding Leads to Opportunity
4 Lessons We Can Learn From the Ketel One Botanical Launch
18 July, 2019 by
Nail It To Scale It: How Effective Branding Leads to Opportunity
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In today’s digital age, marketing efforts and branding strategies are constantly changing and evolving. So, how does a brand keep up with change without feeling like old news or become a company that isn’t trying too hard? We’ve got the answers for you. 

This week we are analyzing how one brand did growth and expansion the right way with the launch of their newest line. Ketel One Vodka was first introduced by the Nolet family in The Netherlands in 1691. Now, 328 years later, the Nolet family has become an internationally well known top-rated vodka brand and recently launched their newest line, Ketel One Botanical

Nailing Your Core Demographic Before Expanding to Another 

Ketel One Vodka has lasted in the Nolet family for 11 generations successfully for many reasons but one major reason is that they found their core demographic and established a name for themselves. Their brand is one of the top-rated vodka companies in the world and has been for many years now. Figuring out your demographic and nailing it is the first step in success for any brand or company. Once you figure out your target audience, you can break it down further by their interests and then expand back out from there by finding trends.

Shift to Follow Trends in the Marketplace

With all the health-consciousness that is going on, there’s a big trend currently in eating clean and being aware of what we put in our bodies. Many companies have started releasing sugar-free adult beverages. Ketel One Botanical hits on exactly that trend. Their tagline is “Real Botanicals. Real Taste” but it is even more than that. Their new line is sugar-free and free of any artificial flavors and sweeteners which attracts a deeper audience than before. 

Something great to note here is the root of marketing, which is to solve a problem that the masses may have. Nowadays, health and wellness are at the forefront of consumers minds. This new line is responding respectively to that interest. It’s a strategy that the brand has and continues to master.

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Distinguished Branding

Ketel One’s branding has become well-known to their consumers, so how do they stay current while still being true to themselves and their brand familiarity? As we stated above, going green is the latest fad and Ketel One takes that quite literally. They traded in their iconic red “K” in their logo for a green one, keeping their logo the same but making a slight alteration which makes them recognizable but still fresh.  

Marketing Daily says, “Furthermore, being cited as a genuine, promise-keeping brand in a marketing book is not likely to make a major contribution to consumer demand. Still, the positive ink is providing Ketel One with a handy added platform to reinforce the value of its history, philosophy and famously enigmatic marketing approach as the newly formed company prepares to aggressively expand the brand's global presence.”

Genuine brands typically follow a strategy of being perceived as distinctive from other choices - this includes being more relevant to consumers, influencers, and associated individuals. In this case, Ketel One is giving the masses what they’re wanting by keeping up with the trends, but they level up branding to match. It’s just as important for branding to be modern as it is to be distinctive. This is apparent across their social media platforms as they use more florals and influencer-type content.

Collaborations With the Right Brands

Selecting the right brand to collaborate could make or break you and your brand. If you know your core demographic, chances are that you know their interests, brands they are into, and influencers they follow. Wisely selecting who you share your brand with and who you are putting your product in front of can go a long way. For example, Ketel One Botanical has recognized that this line mostly resonates with women which makes eWomenNetwork the perfect partner for them.

Nolet has been very cautious and creative about experimenting with different branding formulas that have helped keep the brand on top. In the U.S., Ketel One is among the top five print and outdoor brand spenders, with annual media spend now pushing over $20 million. This puts the product in front of the right consumers who will most likely relate to the brand and - as they have proven - creates brand loyalty in the long run.

We are so excited to have Ketel One Botanical join us for our annual #EWNCONF as our official alcohol sponsor. They will have an informative and Instagram worthy activation that you don’t want to miss. We can’t wait to taste their refreshing cocktails and work with such an influential brand. We’re only a few weeks away, so get your tickets now if you haven’t yet at and we’ll see you there for a little cheers! 

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Nail It To Scale It: How Effective Branding Leads to Opportunity
eWNSocial Advantage
18 July, 2019
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