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6 Easy Tips to Improve Social Media Performance for your Business
24 February, 2023 by
6 Easy Tips to Improve Social Media Performance for your Business
Nicole Caliro
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6 Easy Tips to Improve Social Media Performance for your Business

Most of the advice surrounding social media for business owners tends to look pretty similar. They look similar because the skeleton of the strategy is solid and accurate.

Create a strategy. Create engaging content. Review metrics to gauge performance.

All of this is correct, but it can sound daunting depending on where you’re at in your social media journey. Here are a few EASY tips for business owners to implement in their social media strategy no matter how advanced OR new to the scene.

Be selective in your selling. Every post shouldn’t be about selling. It’s SOCIAL media, not SELLING media. People come to social media to engage with others and enjoy themselves. If every post you’re sharing is something “salesy”, people are less likely to follow and engage. Share a little bit of who you are. Share free tips. Post pictures of your adorable pets! For everyone one selling post, try for two non-selling posts.

Use captions. A huge percentage of people watch videos on social media with the sound off. Bummer, I know. The good news is that a lot of social media platforms allow for captions (aka: subtitles)! Studies show that regardless of one’s hearing abilities, videos with captions perform better than those without, so take advantage of TikTok’s great caption software and increase those views!

Engage with others. It’s easy to focus solely on the serotonin we get when we see that someone has actually engaged with our posts, but to truly grow your following, you must interact with others. Social media is a two-way street! Look at people who are in your space (even competitors) and engage. Like, comment, DM, share- devote a portion of your designated social media time to engaging with others. If you engage with others, they are more likely to engage with you.

Increase your production value.  Don't let this one scare you.  This could be as simple as getting a ring light or upgrading your phone.  You don't have to bring out the smoke machines and sequins, but investing in your tech increases production value, which increases views.  

Start with two, master one. There are a lot of players in this game: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter- how is one to keep up with them all? The answer is…you don’t. At least not right away. Do your research on which platforms make the most sense for your business (I recommend you look here), and pick two. Play with the features of each and see which platform feels good, then master it. Once you’ve mastered one, then you can focus on the others.

Utilize stories. Stories may have started with Snapchat, but they’ve spread like wildfire to other platforms and are often the most viewed content on someone’s account. If you’re not utilizing stories, consider sharing moments of your day in either video or photo form as well as recycling existing posts to share to your stories as well.

For more stats on social media and details about different platforms, CLICK HERE. 

6 Easy Tips to Improve Social Media Performance for your Business
Nicole Caliro
24 February, 2023
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