Best Tech Gadgets & Accessories to Boost Productivity for Entrepreneurs
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Best Tech Gadgets & Accessories to Boost Productivity for Entrepreneurs
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As an entrepreneur, you should always keep productivity at the forefront of your mind. Considering all that running a business encompasses, what’s a common productivity strategy that can be applied to different workplace compositions and dynamics? The answer is technology.

In fact, the lack of the right technology or the presence of out-dated technology are two of the things entrepreneurs and their team members blame when they are unable to reach their productivity targets. One study found that as many as 85 percent of workers don’t have the right resources to take care of their tasks efficiently. This is why we wanted to share the best tech gadgets and accessories to boost productivity for entrepreneurs. 

Interactive Touch Monitor

If you’re looking to boost the performance of your marketing and design team, look no further than an interactive touch monitor. We like to think of it as a giant tablet. The optimal performance allows fonts and visuals to appear more detailed and clear. It’s even perfect for a conference room setting where multiple people are sharing their ideas and everyone in the room can view it while interacting with it, as well. 

Curved Monitor

Having more space to work with on a desktop or laptop is always more productive, which is why a curved monitor is perfect for your business. The monitor comes with ultra-wide views, multitasking features, and seamless connectivity for a more immersive work experience. In fact, one study showed that increasing display size increased people’s productivity as it shortened the time it took to complete a task and provided a more pleasant user experience. You and your team members will be able to get more work done without the trouble of having to connect a second or third monitor or working on a bunch of tabs from just one. 

Cell Phone Mount

Video is one of the biggest social media and marketing trends for 2021. From Instagram stories and lives to how-to-videos, it’s important for getting your brand noticed. Having a cell phone video mount allows you to conveniently set up for recording content and allows you to adjust as needed. This makes the entire process of creating content more efficient and productive because it saves you time and the cost of having to hire a team member to do it for you. 

Electronic Stylist

If you have a tablet or interactive touch monitor, this is the perfect tech tool to help you boost productivity. Our fingers are great, but they are unable to execute certain functions that an electronic stylist can, from illustrating to note-taking and creating other forms of content. One study found that 75 percent of businesspeople prefer putting a pen to paper when working rather than typing everything down. So, why not incorporate that in a tablet to ensure information is safe and easy to find all with the convenience of using a stylist. Using this tool can help the overall work experience, especially if a tablet or iPad is a tool you use often to complete tasks.

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Digitizer Tablet

Have you ever walked into a meeting where you tried to explain an amazing idea you had, but you couldn’t verbally get the idea across to everyone else in the room? We’ve been there and decided to invest in a digitizer tablet to prevent the mishap again. This digitizer is a multi-touch tablet surface that gives you the power to draw, sketch, or write down anything you want and have it automatically translate to a screen. It will allow you to save time communicating your ideas and can help clarify what you’re presenting making it a very productive tool to have.

Muama Enence

As your business grows, one of the biggest challenges you may face is a language barrier with customers, clients, colleagues, or other professionals. Muama Enence is the perfect tech gadget to help make your business transactions and meetings easier and more productive. With the click of a button, the device can help translate over 43 languages in real-time. It prevents the difficulty of conversing from negatively impacting your endeavors. 

Data Storage

Planning on carrying over information from previous years? Save yourself the trouble of running out of system storage with a data storage unit. The unit can take your business from insights to innovation with its high-tech capabilities. It can help IT services deliver up to 64 percent faster and accelerate analytics performance up to 78 percent to support critical workloads like artificial intelligence. No more application outages or alerts telling you to reduce your storage.

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Best Tech Gadgets & Accessories to Boost Productivity for Entrepreneurs
eWNSocial Advantage
3 January, 2021
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